Terms and Conditions of Using this Site

  • I am of Te Aitanga A Mahaki.  

  • I apply to register with Te Aitanga a Mahaki Trust.

  • I consent to the use of my whakapapa detailing my tribal affiliations to Te Aitanga A Mahaki.  

  • I understand that Te Aitanga A Mahaki Trust, as the mandated entity charged with negotiating settlement of Te Aitanga A Mahaki's historical claims will collect this information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993.  

  • I consent to my personal details being held by the Te Aitanga A Mahaki Trust for the comprehensive settlement of all historical Treaty claims (including those specifically of my claimant group as indicated on my registration form).  

  • I consent to the use of this information by Te Aitanga A Mahaki Trust or any related or succeeding body solely for ongoing communication and ratification purposes of a Deed of Settlement or settlement through the Waitangi Tribunal.  

  • I declare all the information contained on this Registration Form and on my Voting Form to be true and correct.

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